Viziad empowers start-up companies, small businesses, nonprofits and individuals to purchase targeted, budget-friendly advertising from Ad Sellers on our Peer-To-Peer Ad Network

Businesses, groups, causes, events and individuals all use Viziad to engage with customers and audiences. It’s so powerful and affordable; Viziad should be an integral part of every marketing strategy (even if you have large-company resources).

Here you’ll find unique and creative ways to engage with customers, build your brand, and discover new markets for your products/services.

Purchasing advertising space/time through 
Viziad is:


            No agency markup on already expensive media


            Pinpoint your search and choose the Ad Seller that most directly reaches your    

            Search and find Ad Sellers in specific locations, appealing to different demographics


            There are very few consolidated portals like 
Viziad where you can find Ad Sellers that offer        
            advertising services ranging from traditional to creative

            Viziad Ad Sellers offer you unique and engaging advertising methods

It’s FREE and easy to register:

      · Search advertising opportunities in your target market
      · Click the “Buy Now” button
      · If the Seller also has a “Bid Now” option place a bid
      · The Seller may accept or reject your bid or seek to negotiate with you
      · Once the advertising service has been delivered to your satisfaction, release payment to                  
        the Seller
      · Viziad lets you rate and comment on the quality of service received
      · You can even tip your Seller if you wish