Have a disagreement with another Viziad user?
First, we encourage users to treat Viziad as a free market. Meaning we encourage buyers to research, ask questions and have thorough discussions with their sellers. Communication is key and we do all that we can to provide all the tools needed for a smooth transaction.
When a disagreement arises, before money is released, you should contact the seller and discuss your concerns. In the same way, if you are a seller and having a problem with a buyer, a few simple messages are generally all that is needed to save you both time and headaches. We strongly encourage users to follow our guidelines and to make all possible efforts to resolve issues privately. There is only so much we can do as the marketplace.
If, after all efforts have been made to resolve the issue, we, in some cases, can escalate the disagreement to a "dispute."
In this case, you will be assigned a case manager and we will investigate the issue and make a binding decision. This decision will be final within Viziad and may or may not involve refunds. If a party takes out a separate dispute with their credit card company or financial institution, then that matter will not be governed by Viziad.