Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. The following are questions we often receive from new Ad Sellers and Ad Buyers.

What is is a platform that connects sellers willing to advertise space (or their time) with buyers who are looking to purchase advertising that reaches their desired audience.
How does Work?
To become part of the Viziad network, Ad Buyers and Ad Sellers must first register. After registration, Buyers can search and book their preferred advertising space. After the transaction is complete, the Buyer is encouraged to leave an honest rating on the Seller’s profile.
Do I have to be a registered user in order to buy advertising space?
Yes. You must be a registered user in order to purchase advertising space on Viziad.
You must also be registered to sell advertising on Viziad.

Is there a fee to register?
No. It is free to register and search for advertising Sellers on Viziad.
It’s free to post your advertising opportunities on Viziad.
Does Viziad provide a sale of agreement?
No, Viziad does not generate a sale of agreement.
We help Ad Sellers maximize their income potential through our bidding feature, which allows Ad Buyers to propose alternative prices for services that may otherwise not be sold.

How do I buy advertising space on Viziad?
Sign up and search for your preferred advertising space.  Once you choose your preferred advertising opportunity, the Seller may accept or refuse your request. If the Seller accepts, you (as the Buyer) make the payment, which goes into escrow until you (the Buyer) approve the final transaction and release the funds.
How does the Seller get notified about my purchase?
Once your purchase has been confirmed by, the Seller will be notified immediately.
What currency will I use to buy advertising space?
All Viziad transactions are in USD.
How long will it take for my ad to go live?
All transactions are confirmed and processed immediately. Your ad will go live a few minutes after submission.
How do I list advertising space?
Listing advertising services takes less than 5 minutes of your time. You will need to register with, then fill out the required information under the “post ad space” tab. Once all the information has been filled out, you simply submit your ad space listing.
Can I list multiple ads?
Sure! After registration, you can list as many advertising spaces as you would like – free of charge!