How it works

VIZIAD is an innovative online Peer-To-Peer Ad Network™, meaning anyone can sell Advertising Space to anyone else.

It’s a growing community of Ad Sellers who offer a variety of creative Ad Spaces and customizable promotional opportunities.

The consolidation of these Ad Sellers in one convenient portal allows Ad Buyers to conduct pinpointed searches to meet their specific advertising needs.  

Viziad, you can act as a Buyer, a Seller or both!

1. First, a Seller decides what kind of advertising they want to sell. It can be a billboard that he or she owns, a spot on the menu at their restaurant, a sign on their car, truck, or boat, a post on their social media account, or any other actual “space” they own. Sellers can also offer to hand out or post fliers for the Buyers. We refer to all forms of advertising placement as "Ad Space.”

2. The Seller creates a listing for their Ad Space on
Viziad. The listing can include the location of the Ad Space (or list it as "Digital" for online or social media space), pictures and videos of the Ad Space (which may include a simulation of the Seller posting fliers), an outline of what data or proof will be provided to the Buyer as evidence of the Seller's work, and more details of how to get the best outcome from their opportunity, as needed.

3. When a Buyer sees an Ad Space they want to purchase, they simply click "Buy Now.”
Some Ad Sellers are willing to negotiate price. If you see both “Buy Now” and “Bid Now” buttons on a Seller’s offering, it means you can propose less than the posted price.

4. The Seller receives a notice that a Buyer wants to buy their Ad Space. They can ask any follow-up questions and then approve or deny the sale. If the Buyer has bid on the space, the Seller has the option to accept the bid, deny the bid, or negotiate a higher price from the Buyer.

5. The payment is held in escrow until the Buyer and Seller agree the agreed-upon advertising has been properly delivered. There is a small transaction fee associated with each ad sale. All financial transactions are safe and protected.

Registering with Viziad is free for both Sellers and Buyers.

The Seller easily sells their ad space and the Buyer gets a great deal on targeted advertising.

It’s that simple … and best of all … it works!

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