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Viziad empowers Ad Sellers to earn additional income by offering their advertising space and/or time on our Peer-To-Peer Ad Network.

Viziad is a legitimate, protected business opportunity with virtually unlimited potential for increased income.

Make money with 
Viziad by offering Buyers your:

Traditional advertising space

          (billboards, menus, social media pages, etc.)

Creative advertising space

          (mall kiosks, vehicles, t-shirts, etc.)


          (hand out or post flyers, make calls, etc.)

Anyone can be an Ad Seller.

No prior experience required. Even youth between ages thirteen and seventeen can be Ad Sellers with parental consent and supervision!

It’s FREE and easy to register:

      · Describe your advertising opportunity. Set a duration and price
      · Buyers click to buy your offer
      · If you allow bids, bidders may offer a lower amount
      · You accept or deny the Buyer’s offer
      · You accept or deny the Buyer’s bid (if applicable) or negotiate with them
      · Once the advertising service has been delivered and accepted, you get paid by the Buyer, minus a small transaction fee
      · Buyer ratings and comments show you’re a trusted, preferred Seller
      · You can even earn tips!